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services, opens exciting new revenue streams for the owners of high quality content such as Disney (NYSE:DIS), NBC (NASDAQ:CMCSA), and CBS (NYSE:CBS). CBS is the best positioned in the group to capitalize on the growth of licensing and fees for streaming and transmission rights as a pure content company with a large and diverse portfolio of high quality content. A Pure Content CompanyCBS is a pure content company composed of a variety of popular and proven Women Patrice Bergeron Jersey franchises including CBS Networks, CBS TV production, CBS Interactive, the Showtime cable networks, CBS College Sports Network, Elite Gold Tuukka Rask Jersey and Simon Shuster Publishing. Each of the company’s content production groups have generated some of the highest Authentic Gold Chris Kelly Jersey rated content currently available on the market today. The company’s large and diverse portfolio of property includes four of the five highest rated shows in prime time for 2013, cutting edge cable series like Homeland, and the ever reliable juggernaut of the NFL that it recently expanded to include

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on the long side, both in terms of overall portfolio positioning, individual position sizes, and willingness to take risks in certain stocks. Here are some examples: I wouldn’t be comfortable taking my fund’s long exposure up to 100% in the current market if it didn’t have meaningful short exposure; I wouldn’t have held onto my position in Netflix as it rose from just above $50 to nearly $500 over the past two years if my fund hadn’t been short a number of similarly volatile, speculative stocks; I wouldn’t hold such a large position in Howard Hughes, another huge winner for us, if nike jerseys my fund weren’t short St. Joe, which is also closely tied to the real estate/housing market; and I’m not sure I would feel comfortable owning economically sensitive stocks like Tetragon (OTCPK:TGONF) (my newest cheap ray bans long), Avis (NASDAQ:CAR) and Hertz (NYSE:HTZ), four airline stocks, etc. if my fund weren’t short many stocks that I expect would do very poorly if the economy weakens. A short book typically pays off just when you need it most,